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Dear Brothers,

I have changed site permissions so the site is no longer viewable by guests.

I did this for several reasons.


One reason was that there were idiots on other sites, who had been banned for legitimate reasons, and they were abusing current site members in other forums for what was being said and done here.


Them and their spies can no longer see what we post here.


As a result , there has been an influx of new members who obvious enjoyed the site but never joined up.

They are now members and I encourage them to contribute to the site and be more than just voyeurs


I have signed many new members up without including what country they are from. I am a nosey bugga and would encourage all members to include their country in their profile.


Our Facebook page is also becoming popular and will be using this to promote site highlights to the rest of the world.



We are in the golden years of IDF modelling and thee is so much new IDF material being released, I struggle to keep up


Happy IDF modelling



Kev and IDF modelling team

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