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  1. Thanks for attention! Covering - selfadhesive a foil. Shock-absorbers - metal tubes. Very much I ask to duplicate messages on-polski... I read and I understand the Polish language. Not so well, but I understand... Dziękuję za zainteresowanie! Poszycie - folia samoprzylepna. Amortyzatory - metalowe rurki. Bardzo proszę o powtarzanie wiadomości po polsku. Czytam i rozumiem język polski . Nie za dobrze, ale rozumiem - tłum. Nexus
  2. I did not use a PE-detail in this kit, only seatbelts from colored PE-set Eduard for Hurricane. It's "in-box" build... Nie używałem elementów fototrawionych w tym modelu, poza pasami fotela z zestawu kolorowanych blaszek dla Hurricane'a z Eduarda . To była budowa "prosto z pudełka"... - tłum. Nexus
  3. Thanks, friends! I am glad that it was pleasant to you...
  4. I thank, colleagues! To this plane there is a pilot.
  5. Witam! Fiat G.55 1/48 (Special Hobby+Sky Models decal).
  6. jachud3, I do not know, in what a problem... Also that it is necessary to do...
  7. hanadam, samolot tak, tylko model - Demchenko!
  8. jachud3, for me it is the most easier to read in Russian... But on-polski (bardzo!) interesting!
  9. Kit - P-40E Warhawk , Hasegawa JT86; P-40E Warhawk cockpit set, Aires 4268; P-40E Warhawk wheel bays, Aires 4254; P-40E Warhawk exhausts, Quickboost QB 48041; P-40E armament set, CMK 4153; P-40E control surfaces set, CMK 4156; P-40D,E,F,L Warhawk flaps, Part S48-136; P-40 E Warhawk, Part S48-137; Wheels True Details; Vacu canopy Falcon (for Mauve kit); Decal Eagle Strike, 48191 (Birds Of Prey, Warhawks and Kittyhawks.Part IV).
  10. jachud3, Thanks! It is possible to write on-polski, I understand a little...
  11. Thanks for responses! I well understand on-polski, but I write while only in English or in Russian... I am sorry... RAV, I used AKAN paints. Bottom surface - 80005 (BS:210 Sky (Type S), interior - 80007 (BS: 283 Aircraft /Grey Green - interior color), camouflage - 80017 (BS:638 Dark Sea (Ocean) Grey) and 80018 (BS: 639 Light Slate Grey). http://www.plasticmodel.ru/?page=paints&factory=akan&akangroup=enamel&sid=e44b8971aa20f9818bdff9ed9be64ff9 Foil aluminium, self adhesive (made in China... ) -
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