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  1. Hi I have CNC at home, so I help with this machine. David
  2. Hi After some time I'm still writting. In this time I was drawing two new very interesting projects which you will also see on forum. Now I continue with work on this project and this week I will show some progress:
  3. Hi My answer about error in plan "part no. 7": I don't say that is this catastrophe of world extensions and I never said that are parts bad made or is the model bad quality. My opinion is still positive and I assert that is worth to buy this model! This article is very good made! All parts which I will repair I will repair because of my wish and not because of errors! With this pictures I want to warn on error in plan that you will not glue "part no.7" on wrong side and with this I don't think anything badly.
  4. Hi I will make on CNC new engine. Suspension is from Italeri but I think that is correct. In this complete is photo CD and here you see 4 pictures. I gather from this pictures that is suspension correct but I don't have better pictures for solid proof.
  5. Hi My new project is Scania R730 8x4 Heavy Haulage Tractor. At first estimation are some parts like parts from complete MAD Scania, tower and wheels are changed. The engine in this complete is standard for Italeri and is not OK so that I will remake it, I will also remake some resin parts which don't like and this parts I will substitute with polystyren. General impression is ok, it looks great and I'm glad of this project. Thank you for this model to Heinz Schwarz and Guido Kehder.
  6. Hi "tomeka6" - Yes this trailer will be also on sale "Coppercat" - Do you think that I do this trailer that I will share my knowledge? And then will somebody sell this trailer and so earn the money?
  7. Hi I also did washers (I don't know if is this right word) and nuts:
  8. Hi "mikemc" - If you talk about CNC then I don't know which hardware it has got. My friend made it but he didn't tell me what he built in. If you think on hardwere in computer it is not special. The computer has 3 years, with processor Pentium Dual Core 2.5GHz, HDD 300GB, RAM 4 GB, graphics card is built on base plate. For drawing you need at least Windows 7 64-bit. If I would keep direction of Solidworks programme then I will need graphics card GeForce with 2Gb memory at least, processor i7 and RAM 8GB. CNC is not only for RC models but it has used for many things. My CNC
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