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Lista galerii lotniczych 1:32


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Skala 1:32

A-10N/AW Thunderbalt II Przemek Przybulewski (Trumpeter)

A-6A Intruder KRL (Trumpeter)

A6M5 Zero S.I.C.K (Tamiya)

AH-64A Apache adamkijak (Revell)

Albatros D Va RH (Wingnut Wigs)

Albatros D. III GEM (Roden)

Albatros D. V wojtek_fajga (brak)

Albatros D. V RH (Wingnut Wings)

AV-8B Harrier Erni (Trumpeter)

AVRO Triplane GEM (scratch)

Bell 206 JetRanger III heavy1123 (Revell)

Bf 109 Maciek_66 (Revell)

Bf-109 E4 skikut87 (Trumpeter)

Bf-109 G-6/R6 kendzhub (Revell)

Bf-109 K4 albert091283 (Revell)

Bf-109E Timi (Trumpeter)

Bf-109E-3 tombie01 (Trumpeter)

Bf-109E-4 elextronoid (Trumpeter)

Bf-109E-4 Krzysiek B (Eduard)

Boeing P-12 E RH (Minicraft)

Brewester Buffalo Mk. I RH (Special Hobby)

Bristol Bulldog Mk. II RH (Silver Wings Resin)

Caudron RH (Willams Bros)

Caudron CR. 714 Timi (Azur)

Curtis Hawk H-75A-4 RH (Special Hobby)

Curtiss A-3 Falcon RH (Lukgraph)

Curtiss F7C-1 K.Barcz (Lukgraph)

Dewoitine D.510 RH (Montex)

DH.2 RH (Wingnut Wings)

DH.9a RH (Wingnut Wings)

EC-135 GEM (Revell)

Eurofighter KRL (Trumpeter)

F/A-18A+ 'Red Devils' KRL (Academy)

F/A-18C Przemek Przybulewski (Academy)

F/A-18D unicaunica (Academy)

F/A-18E Super Hornet KRL (Trumpeter)

F/A-18F Super Hornet duju69 (Trumpeter)

F-104 artoorkap (Revell)

F-14 artoorkap (Revell)

F-14A 'Ready to fly' KRL (Trumpeter)

F-14D Tomcat KRL (Trumpeter)

F-14D Tomcat KRL (Trumpeter)

F-15C Eagle KRL (Tamiya)

F-16C KRL (Academy)

F-16I Sufa KRL (Academy)

F-4F Phantom II KRL (Revell)

F-4J Phantom II TAPIR (Tamiya)

F-4J Phantom II KRL (Tamiya)

F-4J Phantom II KRL (Tamiya)

F-5E Tiger II KRL (Hasegawa)

F6F-3 Hellcat S.I.C.K (Trumpeter)

F-86F Sabre stroju (Kinetic)

F-8E Crusader KRL (Trumpeter)

Fairey Flycatcher RH (Silver Wings)

FE.2b RH (Wingnut Wings)

Fi-156 kalisz76 (Revell)

Fiat CR-32 RH (Silver Wings)

Fiat CR-42 RH (Silver Wings)

Fokker D VI RH (Roden)

Fokker E III RH (Wingnut wings)

Fokker Spin GEM (scratch)

Fw-109D-9 Artur D. (Hasegawa)

Fw-44D RH (Silver Wings)

Gloster Gamecock RH (Alley Cat)

Hawker Hart RH (Silver Wings)

He-162 Salamander raptorf22 (Revell)

He-162A2 Jacek K (Revell)

He-51B-2 RH (Silver Wings)

I-153 Czajka RH (Silver Wings)

Jak-23 konrad25 (Flora)

Jak-3 Artur D. (Special Hobby)

Ju-87 G2 Stuka Hammett (Trumpeter)

Ju-88A-4 damian70n (Revell)

KI 43 Hayabusa Jacek K (Hasegawa)

Ki-43-II Hayabusa RH (RH)

Ki-61 - I Hei kendzhub (Hasegawa)

Lightning F.6 KRL (Trumpeter)

M.S.406 C1 RH (Special Hobby)

Me-109 G6 RH (Revell)

Me-109E SlawiekD (Eduard)

Me-109G-4 Steve (Revell)

Me-262 alfavega (Hasegawa)

Medicopter 117 Teppis (Revell)

MiG-17PF KRL (Trumpeter)

MiG-21MF KRL (Trumpeter)

MiG-21MF KRL (Trumpeter)

MiG-23 Flogger KRL (Trumpeter)

MiG-23MF Flogger KRL (Trumpeter)

MiG-23MLD Flogger Przemek Przybulewski (Trumpeter)

MiG-29M Fulcrum Przemek Przybulewski (Trumpeter)

MiG-29UB KRL (Revell)

MiG-29UB Fulcrum KRL (Revell)

Mirage IIIC KRL (Italeri)

Mustang IV Artur D. (Tamiya)

P-12E RH (Hasegawa)

P-32 RH (Hasegawa)

P-40E marek d (Hasegawa)

P-47D Jacek K (Trumpeter)

P-47N Thunderbolt S.I.C.K (Trumpeter)

P-51D Mustang Jacek K (Hasegawa)

Pfalz D.III RH (Roden)

SBD-2 Dauntelss S.I.C.K (Trumpeter)

SE-4A bis RH (Roden)

SE-5a RH (Roden)

SE-5a RH (Wingnut Wings)

Siskin IIIa RH (Silver Wings)

Sopwith Camel RH (Academy)

Sopwith PUP RANS RH (Wingnut Wings)

Sopwith Snipe RH (Wingnut Wigs)

Sopwith Triplane RH (Roden)

Sperry Mesanger RH (Lukgraph)

Spitfire Mk 24 Mati.K (Revell)

Spitfire Mk Vb pilex7 (Hasegawa)

Spitfire Mk. I szarymouse (Revell)

Spitfire Mk. I K.Y.Czart (Tamiya)

Spitfire Mk. IXc SlawiekD (Tamiya)

Su-25M1 Frogfoot KRL (Trumpeter)

Su-27 Flanker KRL (Trumpeter)

Su-27UB Flanker KRL (Trumpeter)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IIa Tomasz (Revell)

Supermarine Spitfire Mk. IXc Jacek K (Tamiya)

Swordfish Mk. I RH (Trumpeter)

T-6 Texan wisa (Kitty Hawk)

Tempest JN752 JF-S Artur D. (Special Hobby)

Tornado ECR KRL (Revell)

YF-22 ATF-1 artoorkap (Testors)

Zlin 42M GEM (scratch)


Stan na 2017.V.7

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