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  1. Rav, Thank you very much, Banny's article and build were just what I was looking for. Cheers Ian
  2. Witam, I'm hoping you guys on this forum can help please. Last year when I visited the Krakow model Show on 1st June I bought a set of 1:48 Decals that commemorated most of the aircraft that General Stanislaw Skalski flew during his career. I have built some of them (see his Polish Fighting Team Spitfire Mk.IX built from the old Monogram kit below) and I have just finished reading a book about him "Skalski Against All Odds". In the book it describes how Skalski was awarded a 1/4 of a kill on a Henschel Hs 126 of 3. (H)/21 on 1st September 1939 near Pedzewo. He bravely landed in a field next to the crashed aircraft and rendered first aid to the badly injured crew, an act that says everything about the man. I am planning to build a model of that Henschel and display it next to a Model of his PZL 11C I'm hoping that some of the experts on this site might be able to help me with a couple of questions about the Henschel please. 1. What does the squadron designation 3.(H)/21, stand for? 2. What were the markings and colour scheme of this particular aircraft? 3. Has anyone on this forum ever built a model of this aircraft, especially using the ICM kit (I have one coming from King Kit in the post, it was quite difficult to track down the kit)? 4. does anyone have any photographs of Hs 126's from that squadron or pictures of a model of that aircraft? Thank you in anticipation. Ian Shaw
  3. Thanks Guys, I have in fact just started prepping the Mirage 1:48 PZL 11C and not enjoying the experience. There is a high degree of flash, especially on the small detail parts and the fuselage halves don't fit together vey well. No where near as good as the Arma 1:72 scale kit.
  4. Since I visited Krakow twice last year I have become fascinated with late 1930's Polish aircraft and some Czech aircraft as flown by Aces such as Frantisek. I spent a small fortune in the four models shops in Krakow and since the Covid 19 Lock down here in the UK have built several of the models I bought last year. They are in both 1:72 and 1:48 scales with some kits being marvelous and some like the KP Letov and Mastercraft PWS 26 proving a bit more of a challenge! Here are some of my completed models, although not up to the standard of some of the experts on this forum, I do feel that my skills are improving with every model I build. Thanks for looking. Ian
  5. Witam, As my second project after coming back to plastic modelling after several years I have decided to build the Pegasus Models 1:48 Hurricane of 303 Sqn during the Battle of Britain. I have been researching 303 Sqn for some time now and I'm amazed by their kill tally of 126 Luftwaffe aircraft during the BofB, more than any other Sqn by a long way. The kit is actually a snap together kit but it has very good surface detail and fits together really quite well. However you get what you pay for I suppose, the undercarriage legs are a bit overdone and the pitot tube is missing. Worse of all is like the old Monogram kit I finished last week, it does not have the wing leading edge landing lights installed. As you can see in the third photo I started with the wings and cut out the light apertures. I have cut up the base of an old Airfix clear plastic stand to try and get the curved lens covers but they are a little too big. Does anyone have any ideas how I could get some proper ones? Next I detailed the cockpit, there is quite a lot of rather heavy interior detail built into the kit already all I did really was add some seat belts. Next job is to add the wings, it looks like I will need a bit of filler around the wing roots though!
  6. Hi Guys, yes I would have liked to shown more pictures on this post but I was restricted by the 4.8MB upload limit. KRL, yes my book was the title "Beyond The Horizon", it traces the "true" history of the development of AEW, not the American version written in AWACS & Hawkeyes, which actually ignores the fact that the British scientists were years ahead of the Americans and that the British invented the cavity magnatron, which is installed in every micro-wave oven nowadays! The book took 9 years to write and has some photos never before seen in other publications. The side view colour drawings of the aircraft were drawn by Tom Cooper. It was originally planned to be two volumes and have a modelling section but sadly Harpia cut it down in size. A lot of the data that is not in the book and many pictures of the models I build for it can be found on my website here - https://aewworld.weebly.com/ I wrote the book with a Brazilian co-author, unfortunately he let me down and never met his deadlines to produce work so Harpia demoted him to an assistant. It was very hard work over a very long time and the royalties did not even pay for my printer ink cartridges that I used up over the years! I would never do it again but I'm happy that Harpia produced a good quality book that I can be proud of. There is some of the edited out text and information tables on the website that you can read for free if you like. I have attached some of the pictures here from the Website Gallery for you to look at. Cheers Ian
  7. Witam, for many years I have been interested in Airborne Early Warning aircraft, so much so that over 9 years I wrote a book about them that was published bu Harpia Press in 2014. During my research for the book I built several AEW aircraft, here is a few of them.
  8. Ian

    Ian's Models

    Hi my name is Ian, I am 61 years old and English. I have been building plastic models since I was 5 years old and have come back to the hobby after a 5 year break from it. I find that many of my modelling skills have faded and I think it will take some time and several finished models before I am back up to speed again. My skill level is no where near the superb models shown in these galleries but it is my hobby and I enjoy it as a relaxing pastime and not a competitive arena. CI was in the RAF for 32 years and now work for the RAF as a Civil Servant in Air Traffic Control, my Father was also in the RAF during World War 2 as a Rigger in Bomber Command. When I was a small child my Dad's best friend was a Polish guy called Ted, he was a lovely guy but always appeared to be a bit sad and melancholy. In recent months I think I may have discovered why he appeared so quiet and serious. I have become very interest in the Polish Air Force after watching the film "Hurricane" and since watching it have bought several books on 303 Sqn and the Polish Air Force in WW2. The last book I have just finished is "The Forgotten Few" by Adam Zamoyski, it has made me feel ashamed of how the British and Winston Churchill treated the Polish Air Force at the end of the war and the fact that he did not allow the Poles to take part in the Victory Parade in London in 1946 due to Churchill's deferring to Stalin, truly a shameful episode. In early June 2019 my wife and I are travelling to Krakow and staying there for a week so that we can explore the beautiful city (its numerous model/hobby shops) and the Polish Air Force Museum, just outside the City. The first model that I built after coming back to the hobby is the old Monogram Hurricane as I had it in my stash and wanted a simple kit to re-start on, or so I thought. I wanted to complete it as a Polish Hurricane Mk. 2B of 302 Sqn all was going well with the build and my free handed airbrushed camouflage, I gloss varnished it for decalling which went okay then when I went to apply the matt varnish it went horribly wrong and "frosted" the paintwork. So I had to start over, rub it down, repaint it and buy new Techmod decals (some of which broke up in the water!). In the end I ended up completing the model as a Mk. 2C of 309 Sqn. It is far from perfect but in the end I am generally happty with the results, I have learned many lessons and I hope to improve a lot when I complete my next project a 303 sqn Mk.1.
  9. Thank you guys. I am sorry I do not speak Polish but as greatgonzo says it is easy to use Google translator which works very well. I hope to learn some more basic Polish before my wife and I come to visit krakow in early December for the Christmas Market (and a trip to the PAF Museum but she doesn't know about that part of the trip yet). Is the PHANTOM Model Shop in Krakow a good one? Cheers Ian
  10. Witam, hi my name is Ian I am 61 years old and I live in Lincoln England. I hope it is okay with you guys for me to write posts in English on this forum! I am a keen plastic modeller and also an RC flyer. Recently I have combined the two by re-painting and modifying a 1/10th scale Hurricane Mk.1 to an aircraft flown by the heroes of 303 Sqn in the Battle of Britain in 1940. I served in the RAF for 32 years as did my Father before me in WWII. He passed away last year but has passed onto me his gratitude to the brave Polish Airmen, Soldiers and Sailors who paid a massive part in winning the war for the allies and also the shame that the British should feel for the way they treated these brave Poles after the war. I have ordered several models from Jarek at trinitymews2 models near Krakow on Ebay in recent days. I have started with the Mirage 1/48 PZL 11C. I have also purchased the fantastic book Polish Fighter Colours 1939-1947 to help with colour schemes. have a problem though with the colour"Late Khaki" that the PZL's were painted with. I normally spray my models with Tamiya acrylic paints. Is there a company that produces the correct colour Late Khaki with which to paint this model please? Dziekuje Ci Thanks in anticipation Ian
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