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PTS-M (warianty...)


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Dear friends: I am using an Internet translator so if something is bad writing, Excuse me.

I have checked the profile of the PTS - M as the cross section and a photo of your Walkaround using the measurements limited to scale 1/35 and they do not square me. Is it possible that the cross section that you use belongs to a previous model? Of the PTS or of the PTS 2?

I wait for your opinion or that of anyone that could extract of doubts.

Thank you.

This is the profile in cross section, in red.


This is the profile in a side view of your Walaround, in blue.


There are the two profiles, in a 1/35 scale of the lenght and width dimension, I supossed that width is to the top of cabin.


Let's forget the light distortion of the bow and of the stern for the perspective to the being a photo taken from the center. It remains clear that, at least for me, it is a question of two different vehicles.

Especially if we contemplate the photo 4f3f45529232b6e1 of the rear cabin and the photo 8c19415f17ce62a7 of the bow of your Walkaround, it appreciates that the angle of the rear part of the cabin and the angle of the bow, are different in the two.

Some idea?

Thank you again.[/img]

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It don't suggest drawing. It execute him for this showing structure of vehicle only.

It is not executed in suitable proportion and scale



Nie sugeruj się rysunkiem. Wykonano go tylko dla pokazania budowy tego pojazdu.Nie jest wykonany we właściwej proporcji i skali.

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