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Gorące lato w Wietnamie, final gallery! [070]

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Galeria Konkurs Lato 2016

Model zakwalifikowany do:

Klasa 6 - Figurki i Popiersia

Specjalna 1 - Najlepsza interpretacja tematu konkursowego

Specjalna 2 - Najlepsza relacja z prac warsztatowycha

Warsztat TUTAJ


Hi guys!

Near to the finish line i've completed my model, thanks to all of you for all the comments and the support!


Model: US Radio Operator in Vietnam

Brand: Verlinden

Scale: 120mm

Main paints: Vallejo


29345563915_9cf1041bd4_c.jpgROV16 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


29058227330_ab64455c90_c.jpgROV19 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


29311971116_b47d6d35f5_c.jpgROV20 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


29345483615_a21ffbc6ee_c.jpgROV21 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


28724370513_256f0ffdf9_c.jpgROV17 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


28724357723_e4f39219ca_c.jpgROV18 by Andrea Mantovani, su Flickr


Thanks again to all, have a nice modeling!!


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