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Kiev - 1/700 - Trumpeter


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Kiev – Trumpeter – 1/700. It took some time to finish this spectacular wessel of Soviet Navy. Unlike my Alfa 1/400 the Kiev kit has been a bit modified. I replaced a lot of small parts, because they were over scale. I used spare parts from other Trumpeter and Dragon kits. Both main radars Fregat and Voschod, 75 mm gun+turrets, all AK-630, both and RBU-6000 have been replaced. In addition, some original parts were a bit modified. No metal parts were used. Kamov helicopters are also from other Trumpeter and Dragon kits. Two small yellow vehicles are from Italeri Kuznetsov, the big one is from Italeri Nimitz class carrier (similar to one I have seen on some image of real ship, added mostly to make it look more spectacular ).


13180e838c471f04m.jpg 7e8bb2c93157109cm.jpg c539a69cb9309b7bm.jpg b4bdde04de71696cm.jpg


b37199f06dd4de87m.jpg 840e62407e41d3cem.jpg 72b3b7b5d3ffb6ccm.jpg 5adc643d6b961ac6m.jpg


e771e8c14395ba3am.jpg cf48792a97e2502cm.jpg ed63124329ae4eb7m.jpg 5ace7a8d649283ebm.jpg


0b888ceb0829e1d5m.jpg 48746c6b6437a2b3m.jpg bb3218e48c92cc44m.jpg

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