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MMP Stratus - Polish Wings No1 and No3


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I am looking to buy MMP Stratus Polish Wings No 1 and Polish Wings No3.


I will pay a good price for these books and postage to the UK. I am also willing to buy the Polskie Skrxydea versions if the English versions are not available.


I apologise for asking in English but my Polskie is not good enough.


I am building the AZ SPADS-51 C1, HIT KIT SPAD 61 C1,  JB Vacuform P.W.S. 10 and converting the KP Avia B.21 to a P.W.S. A.


They are all being built as part of the history of the Polish Air Force 1918 -1945 in 1/72 scale for the Polish Aviation Heritage Centre based at Ingham Lincolnshire.


I am hoping  my Polish Modelling colleagues might be able to help me.


Dziekuje Ci


Ian Shaw



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Thanks Mirage, Its actually a digitle reprint of the Polskie Skrxydea version, also Stratus will only sell it to Polish customers.

When I go to their shop as directed it does not come up on the product search.


I am really hoping that some one has copies of the books that they do not want anymore and are willing to sell them.


Thanks very much though for letting me know.



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You can also buy Polish Wings series in MMP Books store:




But they don't have neither part 1 or 3 in stock right now.

Your best bet will be ebay, they do came up from time to time.


Edit: MMP Books posts to UK and paymant is through Paypal.

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