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300 Sqn & 305 Sqn Vickers Wellington Mk.IV Engines.


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I'm hoping you guys might be able to help me with some information  on modelling the engines on 1/72  and 1/48 Wellington Mk.IV as flown by Polish Airmen of 300 Sqn and  305 Sqns from RAF Ingham  during 1942 and 1943.  Yesterday I visited  RAF Ingham Heritage Centre which is 30 minutes away from where I live in Lincoln. A tenacious group of volunteers have cleared part of the old Domestic Site of the Aerodrome to create a permanent memorial to the Polish Airwomen and Airmen who were based at RAF Ingham whilst 300 and  305 Sqns were operating primarily Vickers Wellington Mk.IV Bombers.

I have now joined the Group of volunteers as  a modeler as they have some kits of the Wellington in 1/72 1nd 1/48 scale that they need to be built .  Here lies the problem. My initial research tells me that their Wellingtons had Pratt and  Whitney Twin Wasp engines and Curtis propellers that rotated the opposite way to British engines. 

Have any of the Polish members of this site ever tackled converting a Mk. 1C  or Mk. X to a Mk.IV ?  Are there any companies that anyone knows of who produce the conversion parts in resin for a Mk.IV?  I'm sure you guys would know the answers, can anyone help please.


I have attached some photos of the Heritage Centre, sorry but the program has flipped a couple upside down again!









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W dniu 25.10.2021 o 13:01, Ian napisał:

were based at RAF Ingham whilst 300 and  305 Sqns were operating primarily Vickers Wellington Mk.IV Bombers.

Hi Ian,


According to the monumental history of the Polish Air Force by J.B. Cynk No. 305 squadron ceased to use Mk. IVs before it was moved to RAF Ingham. The type used there was Mk. X.




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