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What's your everyday "walk around" lens?


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Hi all,

I picked up a 70D a few months ago and I'm just curious what every ones "walk around" lens is. I'm going on a 5 day hike in a few weeks (Adirondacks NY) and looking for something with good rang + clarity. I currently own a Canon 10-22mm, Canon 50mm and a Canon 18-55mm. I DID have a 55-250 but recently dropped it off a 8 story balcony on vacation... not fun.

So, what's your setup? Feel free to give suggestions as well.

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Funny thing you're asking here... For me it's either Eyeball Mk. I or the Samsung smartphone if I don't forget to take it with me on a walk...


Jokes aside, many people would just use what they have, good photo equipment costs a lot of money, right?


Have a nice day



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