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  1. Thank you ! I agree with you as regards more debris required. I have also seen pictures with not that much considering the blast. I will think about it and see what I come up with. You're right as regards the camo and uniforms this is surprising. But the Marines actually sported these in 2003. Thank you for your comments Best regards, Richard from France (45 kms south of Paris exactly)
  2. Hey guys, Here is the 1/35 diorama I finished last week. It is an USMC M1A1 in Iraq in 2003. The tank just turned back on the highway after the untimely explosion of an IED that fortunately did not make any other damage than a big crater. This inevitably draws attention ... The kit is a Dragon M1A1 AIM, as well as the Mine plow and some parts were borrowed from RFM and Meng Abrams kits Who'll spot the Pringles box ??? Hope you like it. Constructive comments welcome Cheers from France ! Richard
  3. An awesome build ! Great result ! Regards, Richard
  4. Hey guys, Sorry I cannot speak polish, so I'll write in english. I am French, je peux aussi vous écrire en français si vous préférez Here's what keeps me busy at the moment, a Brown Water Navy PBR(Tamiya 1/35) that'll be in its element, water. I used 2 cm thick styrofoam as a base, avilable at DIY shops, in which I cut out the Pibber shape, taking care of how I wnt the boat to properly fit (angle in the water) Afterwards, I shaped the waves using styrofoam and plaster strips Ten I used plaster mixed with acrylic paint to shape up the basic form of the river I used relief putty for the wake foam I have to change the river color, looks too green and light at the moment. I'll depict the water with clear inclusion resin. Richard
  5. Hi nice shading effect ! best regards Richard
  6. Hi Dumo, Interesting version ! :-) It looks good so far. I'll follow your build closely cos I like that MBT. best regards Richard
  7. Hello Kamil, Hello everybody, I am really sorry I can't speak polish, so I will write in english (I am french, living near Paris) I wanted to congratulate you over this phenomenal build ! What an awesome rendition of the T-64BV !!! Really amazing ! I love it. Congratulations on the result achieved. I have received the same kit for christmas and I plan to build it also in Ukraine Can you tell me which green color and brown you used ? What are the paint references ? They look spot on !!!!! Happy new year ! Best regards, Richard
  8. Hi, Sorry I don't speak Polish, and will write in English (I am French :-) ). She is a beauty !!!!!!!!!!!!! I got the same and I hope it'll come out that great. Very good job, congrats. Best regards, Richard
  9. Hi Adam, Can't wait to see it painted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Your building is really fine. I hope mine will turn out that good ! Cheers, Richard
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