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H24 Marut - vacu WarriorModels 1/72


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Hi friends,


I arrived few days ago on your website, in military topic first, and as a new one here, I come with a little gift for your eyes.


Marut was an indian fighters built by Tank, the WWII german builder, and he fight during 70's pakistan-Indian confict.


This a vacuformed kit, and a Polishkit ! It's really the right place to show it , isn't it?

So, this an old Warrior model kit, found in France when I was 15 years younger.

In 2007, I decided to build it just in order to try vacu.

It was a great experience: beginning with a plasticard then a plane, intereresting.


Here you will find some photos.






Please you to share your point of view. Especially if anybody has built this plane before, with Warrior or alliance models.




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Nice to see you at our Modelwork Forum. Your Hindustan Marut looks really great and a very, very attractive!! I remember this one - I built it more than ten years ago (but with undercarriage in 'opened' position) - Marut was my last vacumformed modell in small, 1/72 scale This is not an easy kit, but You made it absolutely superb !! Congratulations !!!

One of my friends told me a news, that Warrior now preparing a bigger (1-48) version of this aircraft - full in resin and photoetched parts

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Welcome abord, nonoece.


Superb work. At first - because it depicts really rare plane. The second - I've never seen such a good replica made of vacuformed kit.


The aircraft looks a bit familiar. Wasn't it a copy of Russian Lavotchkin La-250 Anakonda interceptor?



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Wasn't it a copy of Russian Lavotchkin La-250 Anakonda interceptor?

Nie. To jest oryginalna konstrukcja Tanka. W zasadzie rozwinął swoją koncepcję, nad którą pracował jeszcze dla Luftwaffe. Plus nowe (na owe czasy) osiągnięcia w dziedzinie konstrukcji i projektowania płatowców. Ogólnie ten samolot był nawet udany - sprawdził się bardzo dobrze jako szturmowiec w walkach z Pakistanem.

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In fact, this Warrior model kit was found nearly 15 years ago in a wellknown french shop, well known at this time and now disappeared.

Some shop buy "exotic" kit, but due to the confidential subject, or due to marketing, most of them are sold in one year on one stock.

I didn't ear news about Warrior kit anymore, but I bought my Marut with the chinese Fantan.May be I will build it one day, cause only Alliance make it in resin.

Is anyother 1/72 kit from Warrior existing?


Thank you for reading me,


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