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Odwzorowanie pokładu LCS-3


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"Non-skid (Flight Deck Gray) paint has a somewhat purple hue relative to Deck Gray and is only applied over large areas by contractors (NOT usually Navy personnel), but it is almost as dark as deck gray.  The non-skid material has abrasive particles mixed into a base paint and it is applied in such a way that deeply textured ridges are formed.  Although this really helps with traction, it can also seriously injure you if you fall on it (MUCH worse than "Road Rash").  The application process starts with the grinding of the deck surface down to bare metal.  Contractors work in large areas, so you will usually see the entire fantail being done, the entire forecastle, the flight deck, or the main deck (in sections).  It is unusual to see all of these areas being re-done at the same time.  After grinding the decks to bare metal, a primer is applied (typically tan, but it could be pale green).  Once this primer is dry, contractors paint the edges of the deck, equipment bases, panel edges, deck equipment and other deck fittings (see list above) Deck Gray (much the same way you "edge" around wall fixtures and doorways when you paint a room at home).  Once this edging of Deck Gray is applied, the non-skid material is mixed in large batches and applied to the remaining deck areas using special rollers that allow a certain texture to be created (it isn't just slathered on).  Keep in mind that the non-skid is not usually applied all the way to the edge of the decks or the deck fittings and deck hatches...that is why they pre-apply the Deck Gray edging first.  Despite the fact that some model paints are called "Flight Deck Gray", the flight deck, forecastle, main decks, fantail, and superstructure decks are ALL coated in the same kind of non-skid paint. " źródło

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Dodam, że z tego co czytałem, to wszystkie samoloty na pokładzie muszą być przymocowane do tych punktów, jeśli tylko dłużej niż chwilę w jednym miejscu stoją - więc chopaki (i ostatnio dziewczęta) bardzo często je przepinają.

Pozdrawiam i życzę miłego dnia!


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