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W dniu 7.01.2019 o 18:22, filipsg napisał:

Airfix(!) w 2019 wyda 17 przepaków drugowojennych modeli Academy,

Dokładnie te:


  • A1354 Tiger-1, Early Version - Operation Citadel
  • A1358 M3 Stuart, Honey (British Version)
  • A1362 German Light Tank Pz.Kpfw.35(t)


  • A1351 Panzer IV Ausf.H, Mid Version
  • A1360 M10 GMC (U.S. Army)
  • A1364 Tiger-1, Late Version


  • A1367 U.S. Tractor


  • A1355 JagdPanzer 38 tonne Hetzer, Early Version
  • A1359 Tiger-1, Mid Version
  • A1361 T34/85, 112 Factory Production


  • A1356 M36B1 GMC (U.S. Army)
  • A1357 Tiger 1, Early Production Version
  • A1366 M36/M36B2, Battle of the Bulge


  • A1353 JagdPanzer 38 tonne Hetzer "Late Version"
  • A1363 Tiger-1, Early Version
  • A1365 M4A3(76)W, Battle of the Bulge


  • A1352 Panther Ausf.G




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